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Hurricane Fund

To aid in our mission of education we would very much like to aim at having a full size replica of a Hawker Hurricane Mk.I like that pictured on this page of the fibreglass replica located at the Battle of Britain Memorial, Capel-Le-Ferne

While we understand that this will be both a considerable cost and logistical issue to move around we feel it would really benefit the groups displays and increase the amount of awareness, and engagement with, the public who attend whichever event we may be at.


A phased approach to this idea has been put forward of looking at first getting a replica cockpit made that people can sit in so this, along with some other photo opportunity ideas that we can transport around with us, shall be the first items that this fund shall be put towards.

We are currently looking at a number of possible sources for the making of these items and gathering price and build time information.

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