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My Uniform Collection

By P/O Biggart, Huwen

This is an in depth list of all the equipment and clothing I currently (and eventually aim to) wear at living history events with 253 Sqn.



RAF Officers Cap - by Soldier of Fortune

Mk2 Original Tommy Helmet - by Soldiers of Fortune


Officers Service Dress Tunic - by Soldiers of Fortune

Full Button Blue Shirt with attached Collar - by Soldiers of Fortune

Black Tie - by Soldiers of Fortune

Officers Service Dress Trousers - by Soldiers of Fortune

British White Elastic Braces - by Soldier of Fortune


Mens Black Service Shoes - by Soldiers of Fortune

Flying Boots No.204A - by Lewis Leathers

Aviakit Seaboot Socks - by Lewis Leathers

Flight Equipment:

RAF Seat Harness - by The Rigger Depot

Flying Jacket - by What Price Glory

White Roll Neck Jumper - by Soldiers of Fortune

1933 Flying Gauntlets - by Soldiers of Fortune

1932 Pattern Life Preserver (Mae West) - by Pegasus Militaria

In addition to the listed links above there are also Flying goggles, an Oxygen mask + radio equipment and a flying helmet as well. However, I have yet to find links for these, the Flying helmet I would recommend buying from Sefton Flying clothing along with the oxygen mask and radio equipment. As for Flying goggles, MK2, 3, 4 and 4B were all present in the Battle of Britain and therefore can all be used.

Additional Equipment:

Pilots Canvas Holdall - by Soldiers of Fortune

MKV GSR Gas Mask and MKVII Haversack - by Soldiers of Fortune

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